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Using Wireless Speedlights in Adventure & Nature Photography

Learn to light with flash units and create more dynamic lighting in your nature and adventure photos
Charlie Borland
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You will learn how to dramatically improve your outdoor lighting on your outdoor subjects
You will know how to add light to landscapes, macro, sports, and people
You will understand how to go beyond the basics and create amazing photography
You will know how to create storytelling light that takes your photographs beyond the mundane
If you dont understand flash, you will learn quickly in this course

UPDATE: 9/2023 Intro to Generative AI Fill
UPDATE: 8/2023 Updated video on Adding Light Within a Scene
UPDATES: 2/2022 How to Add the WOW  Factor to an Outdoor Adventure Photo
UPDATES: 11/2021 How to add Christmas lights to a cactus and light a tent with flash

Are you passionate about your landscape and outdoor photography but unhappy with your photography results because the photos don’t look like you hoped for?

Do you have any idea WHY they don’t look like you wanted?

If you are like me you’ve been out in the field photographing some amazing scenery or action-adventure only to return to your office with disappointing results and then wonder what needs to change.   

It could be the exposure, composition, or one of the biggest reasons photos fail: lighting!

The answer just might be that you need that special sauce added to your photos!   

What If I could show you some techniques that take your outdoor and nature photography from ho-hum to wow, and at no risk to you, wouldn’t you want to know about it?   

I have been photographing for over 30 years and many times I did not get the results I wanted. 

I would photograph and then analyze the photograph trying to figure out why the photographs didn’t look as cool as they did when I was in the field.  Often the problem was lighting so I tried software like HDR and others, but soon realized that HDR was limited and that software does not really create quality light. It was so disappointing!   

Then one day I decided to incorporate a pretty simple technique of adding light to some of my scenes and what I learned was, in many cases, the results were more dramatic outdoor and nature photography.   

So, I began to experiment by adding light to many of my outdoor subjects, and during this time I developed some techniques that allow me to show my subjects the way that I envisioned in the first place.

I also learned that Flash is not just for photographing people indoors.  Flash can create amazing lighting effects for outdoor scenes and subjects.   

What you need is someone to show you how to get creative with your lighting by not solely relying on Mother Nature to provide perfect outdoor light. By giving me a chance, I will show you today how to take control of lighting and create the images you envision so that by tomorrow your photographs will look better and more dramatic.   

In this course, I will show you:

  • The tools of the trade from flashes to mounting devices   

  • How flash lighting works with outdoor light and lighting fundamentals   

  • How to make your subject stand out   

  • How to photograph wildflowers in the field with added drama   

  • How to add light to landscape photographs   

  • How to photograph outdoor portraits with multiple flashes   

  • How to light a camping scene   

  • How to create dramatic action sports photographs like mountain biking or rafting using multiple wireless flashes.   

  • How to get creative with light like Light Painting and spotlighting techniques.   

    I will show you all this right now
    so that by the next time you photograph you will be looking at better photography in simple and complex photo setups   

Please understand this course is not for you if you only watch one video and never apply what you learned to your photography. This course is for people who love to photograph and want to apply the techniques demonstrated in this course.   

Yes, while you can certainly watch YouTube videos and read blogs here and there and probably learn something, you can get this course right now packed full of examples and information, all for a very low price.   

Who’s the Instructor?   

There are many courses on how to be an amazing photographer, but how many are taught by true professionals who have a career and worked as a photographer?   

I was formally trained at Brooks Institute in the 1980s and have worked every day since. I have been published in countless magazines (you’ve no doubt heard of), calendars, outdoor product manufacturers, and had my outdoor images used thousands of times.

I have taught photo workshops across the USA and the Middle East. Founded two stock photo agencies, and sold thousands of stock photos. I love to teach and want to ensure you succeed and love photography like I do. You can trust me to teach you photography! 

Take your photography to the next level!

The mission of this course is to show you techniques you may not have been aware of and apply those techniques for more dramatic photographs.

Are you ready to discover simple and easy-to-follow strategies for creating beautiful photographs that I have used for 30 years in my professional business? 

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4.5 out of 5
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