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Reasonable Adjustments Policy

At eLearn by Zorarte, we are committed to providing equal opportunities and support to all our students, including those with disabilities or specific needs. Our Reasonable Adjustments Policy outlines the measures we take to ensure that students receive reasonable accommodations to facilitate their learning experience.

Definition of Reasonable Adjustments:
Reasonable adjustments refer to modifications, accommodations, or support measures that are made to ensure that students with disabilities or specific needs can fully participate in our courses and assessments on an equal basis with other students. These adjustments are designed to remove barriers and provide equal access to learning opportunities.

Types of Reasonable Adjustments:

  1. Accessible Learning Materials: Providing accessible formats of course materials, such as electronic texts, audio versions, or materials compatible with screen readers.
  2. Extended Time: Allowing additional time for assessments, exams, or coursework completion as needed.
  3. Alternative Assessments: Offering alternative assessment methods or formats that are more suitable for students’ abilities or circumstances.
  4. Assistive Technologies: Providing access to assistive technologies or software that support learning and communication for students with disabilities.
  5. Physical Accessibility: Ensuring that physical facilities, learning environments, and online platforms are accessible to students with mobility impairments or other physical disabilities.

Process for Requesting Reasonable Adjustments:

  1. Disclosure of Needs: Students are encouraged to disclose any disabilities or specific needs that may require reasonable adjustments at the beginning of the course or as soon as possible.
  2. Documentation: Students may be required to provide documentation or medical verification of their disability or specific needs to support their request for reasonable adjustments.
  3. Request Submission: Students can submit a formal request for reasonable adjustments to the Accessibility Services Office at contact@elearn.zorarte.com
  4. Assessment and Approval: The Accessibility Services Office will assess the request, review supporting documentation, and determine the appropriate reasonable adjustments based on individual needs.
  5. Implementation: Approved reasonable adjustments will be implemented promptly to ensure that students can fully participate in the course without barriers.

All information regarding students’ disabilities or specific needs and requests for reasonable adjustments will be treated with strict confidentiality to protect their privacy and dignity.

Website Address:
For more information about eLearn by Zorarte and our Reasonable Adjustments Policy, please visit our website at elearn.zorarte.com.