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Complaints Policy

At eLearn by Zorarte, we value feedback from our students and are committed to addressing any concerns or complaints in a fair and timely manner. This Complaints Policy outlines the process for students to submit complaints and how we handle them.

This policy applies to all students enrolled in courses offered by eLearn by Zorarte through the website elearn.zorarte.com.

Submitting a Complaint:
Students who wish to lodge a complaint can do so by following these steps:

  1. Informal Resolution:
  • In many cases, issues can be resolved informally by discussing concerns directly with the instructor or course administrator.
  • Students are encouraged to first attempt to resolve the issue informally before proceeding to a formal complaint.
  1. Formal Complaint Process:
    a. Submission of Complaint:
    • If the issue remains unresolved after the informal stage, the student may submit a formal complaint in writing to the Complaints Department at complaints@elearn.zorarte.com.The complaint should clearly state the nature of the complaint, relevant details, and any supporting documentation or evidence.
    b. Acknowledgment and Review:
    • Upon receipt of the formal complaint, the Complaints Department will acknowledge the complaint and initiate a thorough review of the matter.The review process may involve gathering additional information from the student, instructors, or other relevant parties.
    c. Investigation and Resolution:
    • The Complaints Department will conduct an impartial investigation into the complaint to determine the facts and evaluate any potential remedies.Efforts will be made to resolve the complaint satisfactorily and in a timely manner.
    d. Communication of Outcome:
    • The Complaints Department will communicate the outcome of the investigation and any actions taken to address the complaint to the student.
    • If the student is not satisfied with the outcome, they may request a review by the Appeals Committee as outlined in the Appeals Policy.

All complaints and related discussions will be treated with strict confidentiality to protect the privacy of the student and parties involved.

Website Address:
For more information about eLearn by Zorarte and our courses, please visit our website at elearn.zorarte.com.

Contact Information:
If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the complaints process, please contact us at contact@elearn.zorarte.com