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Spanish conversation lessons for beginners A1.1

Immerse yourself and start learning Spanish now!
Mara Bogado Poisson
141 students enrolled
Introduce themselves in Spanish
"Catch up" in Spanish and express what they have been doing lately
Express future events in Spanish
Inform others about their daily activities in Spanish

Hey! My name is Mara, the founder and owner of Latin American Language Center (lalcenter com ), like the video logos. I was trained by Cervantes as a Spanish teacher as a second language. Also I have been teaching and training teachers for 10 years now. I want to share my knowledge on this course, but if you want live class and it is hard to do it yourself then visit us at lalcenter com or Email me at info@lalcenter.com. We offer Spanish Classes Online

Why Spanish?  Perhaps because it’s the second most spoken language in the world, or because you’d like to be able to add something new and useful to your resume, or simply because you just like the way it sounds. Whatever your reason, It is going to be challenging and fun! and if you connect the language with something positive it gets easier. I know, because I’ve done it, but with English.  But, I feel that much better for it.  You know when you get a promotion at your job and at the beginning it is challenging and overwhelming but at the end of the day you feel better and a bit more content. Or when you fall in love and consciously knowing that it’s something out of your control you dive out of your comfort zone into love.  It always takes a little work to nurture it, but you feel content and overall happy.

Engaging in activities that get you out of your comfort zone can be addictive because they can consistently make you feel more confident and happy.  Learning a language, like Spanish, is like these things. For me, It opened doors, I have more friends because I can communicate with more people, I travel to countries that speak English or Spanish, and even understand other languages like Portuguese, and Italian – It has been an amazing experience. The challenge kept me going and also the motivation that I was going to be able to communicate with more people! My future has been bright since then! I even opened a school to shared it with you!

This program helps you achieve all of the above during your language studies by pushing you out of your comfort zone to speak with a native speaker (native Spanish speaker). Giving you the opportunity to experience the language instead of just listening to a computer.  We help you learn vocabulary that you can apply to your day to day, not just primary things like days of the week or colors.  

What am I going to get from this course?

– A webinar to clear your doubts. You can also contact us and we can schedule calling times to help you understand better.   

– You will be more confident and make new friends while you take this course – if you do go and find a conversation partner

– You’ll learn how to introduce yourself, catch up with a friend, talk about what you are going to do next weekend/week/month, what you’re going to do for upcoming vacations, talk about your daily activities (if you have kids, dogs, a boyfriend/girlfriend, if you go to the gym often, how often and many hours you sleep, etc). 


– Understanding of the English language. 

– Desire to have fun, meet people and get out of your comfort zone. 

– Microsoft Office or equivalent (Google Docs) 

–  We assume you don’t have prior Spanish knowledge (but if you have some background in Spanish you’ll still learn some more!)

– A Headset is recommended but not necessary 

– Access to a computer, laptop or smart phone/device with internet or sufficient data. 

What is the target audience?

– Teenagers/Adults (over 16 years old) 

– Persons that are willing to meet people from different countries and speak! 

– English Speakers

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