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Spanish Bootcamp

Learn Basic Spanish, Spanish Grammar and Verb Conjugations.
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Welcome to Spanish Bootcamp. The only course you need to learn basic Spanish from the beginning to complete a level of knowledge and mastery in verb forms and their conjugations. This Spanish course contains four different levels, and all sections continue a wide variety of questions.

Level 1 is about basic Spanish, in it, you will learn all the topics below. This level has videos, images and audios.

Level 1 – Basic Spanish

The Colors (Los Colores)

The Shapes (Las Figuras Geométricas)

The School Supplies (Los Utensilios Escolares)

The Greeting and Farewells (Los Saludos y Despedidas)

The Alphabet (El Alfabeto)

The Animals (Los Animales)

The Ocean Animals (Los Animales del Océano)

The Weather (El Tiempo)

The Nature (La Naturaleza)

The Seasons of the Year (Las Estaciones del año)

The Worker Routines (Las Rutinas del Trabajador)

Types of Transportation (Tipos de Transporte)

Types of Jobs (Tipos de Oficios)

The Student Routines (Las Rutinas del Estudiante)

The Places (Los Lugares)

The Media (Los Medios de de Comunicaciones)

The Traffic Signs (Las Señales de Tránsito)

The Drinks (Las Bebidas)

The Vegetables (Los Vegetales)

The Fruits (Las Frutas)

Fast Food (Comida Rápida)

Other Foods (Otros Alimentos)

The Meats (Las Carnes)

The Shoes (Los Zapatos)

The Accessories (Los Accesorios)

The Clothes (Las Ropas)

The Cosmetics (Los Cosméticos)

The Face (La Cara)

The Body (El Cuerpo)

The Fingers (Los Dedos de las Manos)

Health Problems (Problemas de Salud)

The Five Senses (Los Cinco Sentidos)

The Opposite Adjectives (Los Adjetivos Opuestos)

Emotions/Status (Emociones /Estados)

Hair Types (Tipos de Cabello)/HairStyles (Peinados)

The House (La Casa)

The Bathroom (El Baño)

The Bedroom (El Dormitorio)

The Kitchen (La Cocina)

The Livingroom (La Sala)

The Diningroom (El Comedor)

The Laundry room (El Cuarto de Lavado)

The Family (La Familia)

The Sports (Los Deportes)

The Musical Instruments (Los Instrumentos Musicales)

Level 2 is about Spanish grammar. You will know and have command of grammar, and this will help you understand and apply Spanish more easily, below are the topics that I will cover at this level.

Level 2 – Spanish Grammar

Personal Pronouns (Pronombre Personales)

The Prepositions (Las Preposiciones)

Gender of Nouns (Géneros del Sustantivo)

Singular and Plural Forms of Nouns (Formas Singular y Plural del Sustantivo)

Numbers and Nouns (Números y Sustantivos)

Definite Article 2 (Artículo Definido 2)

The verb form: Hay (La Forma Verbal: Hay)

Spanish adjectives 1 & 2

Ser and Estar Explanation


Possessive adjectives

Expressions with “Tener”

The personal “a”

Contractions: “al, del”

Stem Changing Verbs: OU:E, E:IE, E:I

Irregular Verbs: estar, ir, dar

Ir a/Acabar de/Volver a + Infinitive

Comparisons of Inequality/Equality/Superlatives

Pronouns as objects of prepositions

Direct object pronouns 1, 2, 3

Indirect object pronouns 1, 2, 3

Direct and indirect object pronouns “together”

Verbs like “gustar”

Time expressions with “hacer”

Irregular comparatives


Possessive pronouns

Reflexive verbs 1, 2

Formation of adverbs

Subjunctive 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Quien, Que: relative pronouns

El que, la que, los que, las que, lo que: relative pronouns

Cuyo, cuya, cuyos, cuyas: relative adjectives

Formal commands

Informal commands “tú”

Irregular commands “tú”

Using object pronouns with commands

Informal commands “vosotros”

First person commands “nosotros”

Indirect commands

Imperfect Subjunctive 1, 2, 3

Level 3 is about Spanish conjugation; here you will learn to conjugate the infinitives ar, er, ir in Spanish in the different verb tenses, this section also contains presentation videos

Level 3 – Spanish Conjugations

Simple Present – Presente Simple

Present Progressive – Presente Progresivo

Present Perfect – Presente Perfecto

Present Perfect Progressive – Presente Perfecto Progresivo

Simple Past (Pretérito Simple)

Preterite Progressive (Pasado Progresivo )

Past Perfect (Pasado Perfecto)

Past Perfect Progressive (Pasado Perfecto Progresivo)

Simple Future (Futuro Simple)

Future Progressive (Futuro Progresivo)

Future Perfect (Futuro Compuesto)

Future Perfect Progressive (Futuro Perfecto Progresivo)

Conditional Simple (Condicional Simple)

Conditional Perfect (Condicional Compuesto)

Conditional Progressive (Condicional Progresivo)

Conditional Perfect Progressive (Condicional Compuesto Progresivo)

Informal Future (Futuro Informal)

Imperfect – (Imperfecto)

Imperfect Progressive (Imperfecto Progresivo)

How long do I have access to the course materials?
You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
Can I take my courses with me wherever I go?
Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don't have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That's up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!
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