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New System To Master Spanish For Free

Master Spanish WITHOUT a Classroom, Book, Teacher or App Easily, Even If You Think You're Bad At Languages
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Discover The Secret Systems Used By Language Learning “Pros” To Master Spanish In Your Free Time Organically, No Matter Where You Live and Even If Syntax, Grammar and Remembering Vocab Scares You

Is it possible to master Spanish without forking out hundreds on lazy teachers and never making real progress?

How can you “magically transfer” vocabulary to your long-term memory without go over a word list time and time again?

Is it possible to reach fluency in Spanish without moving to the country or spending years in a boring classroom?

Have you ever wondered why some people become fluent later in life, and others don’t?

DISCLAIMER: If you feel that learning a language at school is the best way to learn, this is NOT the course for you. If you feel like you have a good memory and no problem with learning new vocabulary, this is NOT the course for you. If you’re not genuinely interested in becoming fluent in Spanish, this is NOT the course for you.

With that done, let’s get down to business.

The way you’ve been learning Spanish up until now, sucks.

But I want you to know though, that this isn’t your fault.

I was just like you.

I started out learning languages at school like so many others.

I studied French and German at school in a small town just north of London, Bedford.

The school was good, but, my language abilities, well they weren’t.

If I’m honest, the only thing I remember from those days was my teenage crush on my French teacher. (I really hope she isn’t reading this!)

I ended school with grades, that well, we’re just average.

I got a C for French, and I ended up failing German.

I was by no means a “proficient student” of languages.

I went from this, to understanding a few simple “hacks”, tricks that anyone could implement in their lives immediately that would take them to fluency in any language.

Within a few short years of leaving school I had become fluent to a native level in Spanish and Chinese Mandarin.

I had taught hundreds of students how to master languages themselves, and taught at schools and universities in various continents helping many others learn these simple methods.

if you’re reading this, you’re in a position right now where you can really imagine yourself speaking Spanish.

You know how awesome it would be for you to make new friends, travel in a way you’ve never travelled, get more work and business opportunities and become a more impressive person overall.

You understand how being able to speak Spanish fluently will completely give your life that “kick start” that you deserve.

It’s not easy though.

Why Traditional Academia Sucks At Helping You Learn a Language

I’ll be direct here, I have a lot of issues with the way that traditional academia and courses are teaching people like us languages.

The truth is, you’re up against a lot if you try and learn Spanish the “normal” way.


Because traditional academia is designed for academics and to pass exams designed by academics, not normal people like me and you.

It’s not designed for people that want to get out there into the world and start talking quickly.

Here’s the other BIG problem.

99% of people that teach also go through traditional academic routes, the way they teach becomes a dull carbon-copy of that too.

And so forth and so on, the system never changes.

Although there are more and more courses, the amount of people mastering a second language is not increasing.

I’ve met people that are studying Spanish and Chinese at university level, and to be honest, their level was terrible.

The academic system is not designed to be practical.

It’s designed to keep people paying large amounts of hard-earned for courses and programs that fundamentally do not work.

Let me show you what I mean.

In the UK, after studying languages for many years at school, only 1 in 10 can have a BASIC conversation in a foreign language.

Now, this isn’t their fault, or your fault.

It’s just the bl**dy system.

Do not be fooled into thinking that traditional academia is the only way to learn.

It really isn’t.

In fact, because you’ve had been led astray and manipulated into thinking that when you learn you need to have a teacher and a classroom, you’ve missed out.

I’ve taught people that are probably less educated, not as clever and not as well travelled as you to become fluent in a second language despite all the odds.

It really gets on my goat when people spend years wanting to learn, but never actually achieve it.

Why does it annoy me?

Because fundamentally it isn’t their fault.

It’s just unfortunate that the system we live in makes you spend time and money that drowns you in ineffective methods that simply don’t work.

Ignore this at the risk of destroying your chances of mastering Spanish….no joke.

On top of these old-style methods developed to tick boxes and pass useless exams, you also have to deal with yourself and your surroundings.

This could be that, like me, you didn’t do great at school (due to their almost useless methods of teaching) or because you’ve tried a bunch of times and nothing has happened.

You may also simply think that you’re not that good at languages.

You could have bought a course and never finished it.

You could have bought a book and only read one chapter.

You could have gone to class at college and ended up still not speaking.

You could have downloaded an app that ends up getting deleted after 1 month and wasting space on your phone that could be used to download the new Angry birds app.

You also may not be in a position to just get up and move to Mexico or Madrid.

You might have work commitments (that also suck up a lot of your time), family life and just general day to day pressures.

Despite what it may seem, this isn’t your fault.

You’ve been there, and so have I and so, so many others.

Learning a language is hard, and this difficulty isn’t unique to you.

It’s just plain and simple difficult, no matter what anyone says.

The vast majority of people reading these will never succeed at mastering Spanish.

But I’ve got good news for you.

The Secret System To Mastering Spanish Fluently

Today I want to change how you approach learning Spanish and give you access to a fresh and new opportunity that will make you (yes, make you) master Spanish.

What you’ll learn today has been trapped inside of my head and private classrooms for many years.

It’s only until very recently, that I’ve taken this unique system of learning a new language and making it available to the general public.

It’s something unique and fresh that up until you have never had the opportunity to access.

And this isn’t a temporary fix just to get you started….

You will learn exactly how to master Spanish at home without a book, a teacher, a classroom or an app, even if you think you’re bad at languages, you work all day, you don’t have the time or you feel like you don’t have the drive and determination needed to make it a reality.

Once you join me and many others that have mastered these simple “language learning hacks” you will be in a unique position to not only master Spanish fluently, but use this system to learn ANY OTHER LANGUAGE.

Before I tell you exactly what’s involved, here’s what this system of learning isn’t.

· It isn’t me giving you a long list of vocab and expecting you to memorise it in your own time. (we both know that few of us actually do that)

· It isn’t me pretending to have a coffee in Spain with a “well produced” video and me asking you to guess what I’m saying.

· It isn’t a bunch of “fill in the blanks” sheets that my old langauge teacher used in the classroom every day to bore me senseless with.

· This isn’t me showing you long lists of sentences while we go and analyse their sentence structure.

· This isn’t me giving you the most “practical sentences” to use the next time you go on holiday to Cancun or Malaga.

I haven’t included any of this in the course.


Because it won’t help you learn Spanish.

If you’re looking for a course that does this, well, there are literally hundreds of thousands of courses out there that you will find.

This course is completely different.


When I finished school, I really wanted to travel.

As you know my language abilities were really, really bad.

Having said this, I wanted to move to South America (I was, and still am, obsessed with the Amazon).

Unfortunately, to do this, I would have to have a bunch of money saved up or have rich parents who would pay for my trip.

I didn’t have either.

So, my next option was Spain.

As luck had it, I found myself a job in the South of Spain in a small town called Guadix.

I began working at a market stall selling leather belts and slippers.

My Spanish was s••t, I had low self-esteem when it came to languages and no idea how to learn.

I went from this, to mastering Spanish and Chinese to native level and teaching countless people just like you to do the same.


I figured out how to tap into what everyone, including you, has organically.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has the ability to do this….they just need to know how.

Let me explain.

You’ve actually have already done it.

You did it when you learnt your mother tongue as a child.

You did it without trying or thinking.

I’ll tell you why people that study at schools and universities and just rely on that method of education end up speaking pretty mediocre…..becuase they’re not learning organically.

So here’s what I did.

I translated the way we all learn as babies into practical systems that any adult can do easily.

I figured out how to learn like a baby whether you’re 14, 40 or 100.

It’s all the same.

And it works.

Despite the difficulties of actually learning and the barriers that so many of us have, you CAN DO IT with these methods.

I mean, I did it, and I was really, really bad.

It’s as easy as making beans on toast. (excuse the British analogy)

I will take you through the “minefield” of mastering a language and I’ll give you a system that you can start using right now no matter what your lifestyle is like.

Normally, those that apply this system will see results in the first day.

Imagine the results after just one week.

Picture in your mind what your life would be like if you could speak Spanish right now.

Imagine the friends that you would make, friends you would never have made before.

Perhaps your single and you meet the man or woman of your dreams, all because you speak Spanish.

Those that speak a second language can earn up to 20% more per year.

What would you do with 20% more cash in your pocket?

You would also become a more attractive person.

Let me explain this.

When you learn a second language you become more interesting, more intelligent and generally a richer well-rounded person.

Imagine how understanding the beautiful aspects of a different culture, including music, food and language, and adding them to your life will change who you are.

When you achieve something like learning a second language, people will look at you differently.

Imagine sitting at a café in Spain with your friends on holiday.

You suddenly start talking Spanish.

Your friends are amazed and basically, impressed.

Your self-confidence goes through the roof.

How do you imagine your life being if you could speak Spanish fluently?

I’m Here To Help You

I’ve helped hundreds of people, many far less educated than you, to master a second language.

I know, in fact I’m 100% convinced, that you have the potential to achieve it.

Let me break down exactly what you’ll get with this unique opportunity:

  • 20 revolutionary systems to master Spanish so that you can speak Spanish quickly without sitting in a classroom, without buying a book, withoutchanging your schedule, without spending money.

  • Master 6 powerful “memory hacks” so that you don’t need to worry about memorising new vocabulary. (see Lecture 6)

  • Master the “Swiss Army Knife Words” immediately so that you can start having conversations right away. (See Lectures 5, 7, 9, 11 and 12)

  • Learn how to “live abroad” without leaving your country so you can become a native without moving. (see lecture 19)

  • Dominate “The Baby Method” used to master any language so that you can become the next “language guru”. (See lecture 25)

  • Learn the secret behind never being “lazy”by setting the Circle of Desire in motion in your life so you always have the passion and DESIRE to continue. (See lecture 27)

This is only a very small example of how this course will revolutionise the way you learn, forever.

I’m going to include a bonus that will help you even further.

I have summarized every single method within this course into a simple to digest E-Book.

You can download it for free with the course.

Here’s the amazing thing with Udemy.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the course, my voice or anything about it….no problem, you can get a refund, no questions asked.

Now, it’s down to you.

I’ve down the hard work.

I’ve spent years discovering the simple and easy ways to learn a second language and I’ve put it all into a course.

All you have to do is actually take action.

For every second that passes without you knowing these secret systems of learning, you’re missing out on reaching fluency.

I often ask myself why people don’t take action?

Fundamentally their afraid of failure.


Here’s the difference between people that actually do take action.

Those that do are PETRIFIED at what their life would be life if they DIDN’T take action.

So, please make the change RIGHT NOW and I will see you in the first lecture.

Happy learning!


P.S. WARNING: Traditional academics do not want you to understand these systems. Once you do, you will realise that you can achieve fluency without ever setting foot in a classroom again. It will give you the freedom from the top-dogs at universities that want you to waste your time and money.

How long do I have access to the course materials?
You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
Can I take my courses with me wherever I go?
Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don't have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That's up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!
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New System To Master Spanish For Free
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