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300+ Spanish Idioms to talk like a native speaker

Have fun while learning Spanish idioms from Spain and take your speaking and pronunciation skills to the next level
Spanish Express
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Spanish idiomatic expressions by themes, how to use them in a sentence and when to use them.
How to increase chances of passing the Spanish DELE and SIELE exams as well as any other official Spanish exam.
How to sound more fluent when you are speaking Spanish by using common important Spanish idiomatic expressions.
How many Spanish words and phrases are pronounced by native Spanish speakers from Spain.
Many of the most common idioms of spoken Spanish from Spain.
A lot of bonus vocabulary and phrases, useful for high school, college and university.
Real-life usage through many conversational examples, useful for work
How to produce the target idioms confidently and accurately in context when you speak Spanish.
How to use these idioms to make your communication more natural, effective and engaging.
How to feel more confident and comfortable interacting with native speakers of Spanish.
How to continue to learn Spanish idioms in a quicker and more natural way, in the same way as native Spanish speakers do.

Are you terrified of taking a Spanish speaking exam? Have you been studying Spanish for quite a while but are still struggling in conversations with Spanish native speakers? Do you have pesky “what ifs” floating in your mind before every social event? Do you still need to use subtitles when watching Spanish films or Netflix TV series and press rewind again and again because you didn’t get that joke?

If you can relate to any of the above questions, the 300+ Spanish Idioms to talk like a native speaker course is just for you.

We will be learning the most common Idiomatic expressions native Spanish speakers of Spain use in daily conversations, the things you can’t learn in textbooks or in class.

The best way to learn is by example, and that is the foundation of this course. You will find written educational materials combined with video lessons, to encourage you to learn in an enjoyable way.

Spanish idiomatic expressions are essential in order to better understand and use the Spanish language and make your speech more natural. Moreover, if you learn how to use them, they will make your Spanish sound more like a native speaker. This will also increase the nuances you can transmit with your vocabulary and make your communication more precise and correct, so if you are thinking about taking the DELE or SIELE exams, this course will be of great help too.

If you want to speak Spanish more clearly, if you are preparing for an exam, if you want to sound more native-like, or if you simply want to show off next time you speak with Spanish natives, the 300+ Spanish Idioms to talk like a native speaker course can help you achieve your goal of taking your Spanish to the next level.

This course includes:

· 10 short themed intro videos with some introductionary idioms, examples, images and music in the background.

· 10 themed video lessons, packed with some idioms, their origin, some examples and to make it more exciting, we have taken the liberty to add some funny anecdotes.

· PDF transcripts for each themed video lesson, so that you can then look over the content in detail later or while watching the video, ensuring you understand it and haven’t missed any key points.

· 10 themed written lessons, including all idioms, origin, examples and controlled, semi-controlled and free practice (including the answers).

Each unit includes:

· Introduction to themed topic

· 10 items within the themed topic

· A minimum of 3 examples for each idiom

· Extra idioms for each section

· Origin of certain idioms

· Controlled, semi-controlled and free activities

· Answers to activities

Please see below the titles of the 10 units:

1. Idiomatic expressions with colours

2. Idiomatic expressions with animals

3. Idiomatic expressions with food

4. Idiomatic expressions with parts of the body

5. Idiomatic expressions with the weather

6. Idiomatic expressions with sports

7. Idiomatic expressions with nature and seasons

8. Idiomatic expressions with numbers and currency

9. Idiomatic expressions with parts of the house and objects

10. Idiomatic expressions with religion

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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